At what age does the patient know he or she has progeria?

Answer A needle or simply any other infected object that somehow established contact with the child's bloodstream. AIDS can transmit itself sexually as well as via saliva from an infected person or cough ... Read More »

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How do you know if you have progeria?

You are a child who looks like a very old person. Bald, wrinkly, bad eyes, etc.

If an Insurance Company pays for services rendered by Doctors Office yet does not post and cash check until after patient has moved on to a new plan is patient still responsible for original payment?

Answer little unclear on who received funds they didn't post or cash, (doc's office has an ins. co. check?) but i believe the answer is this:if you signed forms in a doctor's office that said you a... Read More »

How does a person inherit progeria?

It is caused by a point-mutation in Chromosome 1. This causes a defect in the production of proteins Lamin A and C.Progeria can't be cured for.

Does Progeria only affect children?

It is an X-linked recessive disorder.