At what age does a baby roll from back to side?

Answer My daughter has been rolling onto her side (not completely over to her stomach, though) since she was about 3 1/2 months. All babies are different, and may accomplish milestones at different ages.

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Does majority of the baby girls features come from the mothers side or the fathers?

Answer All babies get 50% of their genes from each parent. It depends how they are expressed how much a child looks like its mother or father.I have 2 sons, one looks just like me the other just ... Read More »

Should a baby sleep on its back, side or stomach?

On One Hand: Babies Should Sleep on Their BacksResearch repeatedly has shown that a baby should sleep on his back. A baby who sleeps on his back is less likely to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death... Read More »

What should be the average length size of a common sushi roll (i.e. California Roll or similar roll)?

The length of the nori sheet, about 8 inches. After it's rolled, then it's sliced to about an inch length before serving.

Horrible lower back pain from left side?

Most back pain is mechanical. There are many things that cause cause back pain from tight muscles to bad posture.You're never too young to have arthritis. I have arthritis in part of my spine and I... Read More »