At what age does a baby roll from back to side?

Answer My daughter has been rolling onto her side (not completely over to her stomach, though) since she was about 3 1/2 months. All babies are different, and may accomplish milestones at different ages.

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Why do my baby's eyes roll back after shaking her head?

You really aren't supposed to shake a baby's head. The reason she does that is because her brain jiggles around in her skull!

Should a baby sleep on its back, side or stomach?

On One Hand: Babies Should Sleep on Their BacksResearch repeatedly has shown that a baby should sleep on his back. A baby who sleeps on his back is less likely to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death... Read More »

What is the small hard bump on the right side of the back of baby's head?

It is a reactive lymph node. It's nothing to really be concerned about; as it is not cancerous. Tell your ped and he will watch it every appointment. My daugher has one and it doesn't hurt her when... Read More »

Can anyone identify a White round pill scored SA H134 on same side, blank on back side. ...?

Ketotifen fumarate (ophthalmic solutions marketed under the brand name Zaditor (Novartis) and Alaway (Bausch and Lomb)) is an H1-antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer available in two forms. In its op... Read More »