At what age do most people get married?

Answer 25 is the average age.

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What is the most times a woman has ever married in the U.S.?

Linda Wolfe, an American woman, has been married 23 times. She was first married in 1957 and was named "most married woman in the world" by Guinness Book of World Records in 2009.References:Telegra... Read More »

What man or woman has been married the most times in history?

Glynn Scotty Wolfe holds the Guinness World Record as the world's most married man, tying the knot 29 times before his death in 1997. Glynn Wolfe's last wife, Linda Lou Taylor Wolfe, holds the worl... Read More »

What is the most times a woman has ever married in the United States?

The record for most marriages is held by a 69-year-old woman from Anderson, Indiana. Linda Lou Wolfe walked down the aisle 23 times and has said she would marry again. She is also the widow of the ... Read More »

What famous person has been married to eight different people?

As of July 2010, Mickey Rooney and Zsa Zsa Gabor are likely the most famous individuals to have been married to eight people. Elizabeth Taylor and Larry King have each been married eight times but ... Read More »