At what age do males stop growing taller?

Answer Boys stop growing when puberty is complete. The growth spurt in boys usually begins between 12 and 15 years of age and can continue to 16 years of age or beyond, according to KidsHealth. A typical ... Read More »

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Help! How can I stop Growing taller?

I am a 5'11 tall female. ACCEPT it. I had issues with it when I was in junior high. As I have gotten older I love being tall. To be tall is to be elite. I have had gorgeous friends yearn to be my h... Read More »

When do we stop growing taller?

On average, girls stop growing at the age of 18, whereas boys stop at the age of 20. In reality, everyone is different. An individual may stop growing before or after the average age.Source:BBC: Sc... Read More »

At 14, what are the chances of me growing taller than 5'5?

Chances are good....but who really knows. They SAY that women stop growing at 16 and men stop growing around 18. Who are they, anyway?I wouldn't know though. I pretty much stopped growing in the 7t... Read More »

How to Know if You Are Growing Taller?

Sometimes change seems to happen too slowly when we are young, and it may be reassuring to know we really are growing and maturing.