At what age do i stop paying the medicare levy?

Answer The old saw that nothing is certain but death and taxes is certainly true when it comes to paying the Medicare levy on income. No matter how old you are, you still have to pay the tax on income for... Read More »

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Is Medicare going to stop paying for diabetic everything July 1st, 2013?

No. Diabetics will still be able to get their supplies at pharmacies or other stores, and Medicare will help pay for them. The competitive bidding just means that if you choose to order your suppli... Read More »

Who pays the medicare levy?

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is an additional 1 percent tax applied to individuals and families in Australia with a higher income who are also not enrolled in an eligible health care insurance polic... Read More »

What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge Act?

The Medicare Levy Act, implemented as part of the National Health Act in Australia, increased required income threshold levels for low income households in an attempt to assure that low income fami... Read More »

How to Stop a School Levy?

Public schools are supported by government funds; however, these funds alone are not enough to run the school. Additional funds are sought from school levies, which are taxes proposed and approved ... Read More »