At what age do children in the USA start going to school?

Answer Children need to be five to start kindergarten, but the date they need to be five differs by state (and in some cases by school district). Here are cutoff dates.Alabama - September 1Alaska - August... Read More »

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Going to pharmacy school for 2years can the children be moved in joint custody?

The issue of whether the custodial parent can move the children is very tricky. If you are lucky, it was covered in the custody settlement papers. You need to read the agreement to see if it is the... Read More »

How to Start a School for Autistic Children?

Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by social skills impairments, problems with communication and repetitive behavior patterns. Children with autism often have difficulties responding t... Read More »

I s pre school mandatory or can children start in kidnigarten?

preschool is for kids who are not up to where they should be when they start kindegarden

What television programme was based on children at school entering a drawing of a dragon and going into its world to help fight the monsters with yellow glowing stones?