At what age do babies say their first word?

Answer Babies say their first word at around one year of age. Some babies start to talk before this time and others will wait longer to utter their first word.

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When do babies cut their first teeth?

The first set of teeth are the deciduous teeth, 20 small teeth called baby teeth or milk teeth. These usually begin to appear outside the gums when a baby is six or seven months old, although a bab... Read More »

When do babies cut their first tooth?

A baby's first tooth can come in any time between 3 months and a year. The entire range is normal. A parent can usually tell when a tooth is coming in when a baby chews its fingers all the time.

When did your baby say their first word ( not babble ) and what was it?

7 months he said Momma.. Every child is different though.

What traits of babies usually take from their mother and which from their father?

This is not a scientific answer or anything. But I've always heard that hair from the mother and eyes from the father. Which has proved very true with my son. He is 2 yrs old and still bald just li... Read More »