At what age do babies hold their own bottle?

Answer on average they tend to hold their bottle at 8 months mine was 6 months but it all depends on how well they co ordinate using hand and mouth.

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Can babies learn to hold their bottle on their own?

Which bottle is best to use for newborn babies?

On One Hand: Gas-Reducing BottlesGas is a very common and uncomfortable problem in newborns and occurs when a baby swallows too much air. Bottles that reduce air intake can help prevent gas bubbles... Read More »

Why shouldn't babies be bottle fed?

It's unhealthy. If babies are breast fed they will have a better immune system. Also using the bottle to long will cause teeth to separate.

How to Bottle Feed Babies?

Have you unsuccessfully tried to breast feed your baby and are having to resort to bottle feedings? Bottle feedings are nothing to be ashamed of as some people can't produce enough milk to breast f... Read More »