At what age did you have your first menstrual period?

Answer I got my first period at 12, a few months before I turned 13.And don't feel weird because every girl's body is different just like every girl is different.Also, it's better if your period comes lat... Read More »

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Do you count your menstrual cycle from the last day of your period or the first day?

On One Hand: The First Day is the Start of Your CycleMenstrual cycles vary from woman to woman and can range from 24 to 37 days. Your menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period. This is... Read More »

Would you have sex on your menstrual period......?

I do but not when its a heavy flow, too much of a mess. My friend always told me just put a towel underneath you and me and my boyfriend always take showers after. In my opinion I think in feels be... Read More »

What could it be if your period is a week late and you have had menstrual-like cramping for three days but HPTs are negative?

If you had unprotected sex 11 days before your period was due and now your breasts have been sore for the past four days could it just be menstrual signs or is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. You can get pregnant 14 days before and after your period. So it is possible to be pregant 4 days before your period.