At what age can you sell puppies?

Answer Fifteen states have laws regarding how old a puppy has to be before it is sold or adopted out, and three have regulations regarding the minimum age for selling. Of those 18 states, 13 require that ... Read More »

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How to Sell Your Puppies?

If your dog just had puppies its pretty easy to sell. You can try all kinds of ways that are helpful. Follow these steps and it won't be a problem.

How to Sell Your Shih Tzu Puppies?

So you decided to breed Shih-Tzu's. Your dog had puppies and it's kind of hard to sell them. Here are a couple of ways to get them sold in a flash.

I have a Nikon F-401 with its 35-70mm lens and was wanting to sell but not sure how much to sell it for and whats it worth?

The Nikon F-401 (N4004 in North America) was an,, (SLR) http://wiki.answers.... Read More »

If I Transfer or Sell My Property While in Foreclosure, Can They Still Foreclose & Sell My Home?

Receiving a notice of foreclosure does not mean you automatically lose your home. The ultimate goal of the lender is to recoup the unpaid mortgage debt. If you are able to bring the mortgage balanc... Read More »