At what age can you expect a lab puppy to be housebroken?

Answer On One Hand: Labs are an Intelligent BreedAccording to Dr. Stanley Coren, author of "The Intelligence of Dogs," the Labrador retriever ranks seventh in intelligence for dog breeds. In addition to b... Read More »

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How to Use Puppy Pads on a Partially Housebroken Dog?

Having a dog which is only partially housetrained can be stressful. You want to be able to trust your dog and sometimes you can, but more often then not you come home to find a mess, or your dog do... Read More »

Daughter will be 3 in Feb got a new puppy and although she says she loves the puppy she constantly tries to hurt it. After discussion separation and discipline it keeps happening. It scaresme.Whattodo?

Man, this kid likes to punish. There is a thin line between love and showing affection in this way. I heard cats are acting affectionately when the bite at your face, but who needs that. I would ta... Read More »

What to Expect at Detox?

One of the primary reasons why drug addicts continue to abuse is to avoid the terrible withdrawal symptoms that go along with kicking drugs and alcohol. To help addicts through this process, detox ... Read More »

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Bankruptcy in VA?

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