At what age can someone be tested for this factor v leiden?

Answer After the age of 14 I was told, this is around the time when the blood starts to thicken in everyone, but obviously more with Factor V Leiden.

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Does factor leiden v mean im going to die early?

The outlook is good with diagnosis and proper treatment.

In my dream me and my favorite aunt was fighting over this newborn baby wo both were claiming it was our own child so we went to get it tested but the baby would not let go of me what does this mean?

I suspect the newborn baby represents yourself. You feel that you are ready to be responsible and take care of yourself. Your aunt thinks that you need her (or your parents) to take care of you. Th... Read More »

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Has your family got to be tested for this?

Yes bcoz u always knw tht wat evr he does wont hurt u sinc u knew tht hs a bad boy