At what age can an individual begin collecting social security insurance?

Answer The earliest age to receive social security benefits is 62. However, widows and widowers may begin drawing money at age 60, or 50 if disabled. Others eligible for early payments include any disable... Read More »

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What is the minimum age one must start collecting social security benefits?

Can you apply for Social Security Disability while collecting unemployment?

Technically and legally, yes, but there are risks involved. While the Social Security Administration doesn't prohibit people on (SSDI) disability from receiving unemployment checks, state unemploy... Read More »

Is there a limit on how much I can make while collecting Social Security retirement?

The Social Security Administration allows persons receiving benefits to work, although the monthly benefit amount may be reduced depending on the earned income. The annual wage ceiling for 2010 is ... Read More »

When did individual retirement accounts begin?

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, began in 1974 when the United States Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Congress int... Read More »