At what age can a female dog have puppies?

Answer Dogs may be able to start having puppies between six and ten months of age, but you should wait to breed your female dog until she is at least 24 months old to see if she will develop health or ser... Read More »

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Why Do Female Dogs Kill Their Puppies?

To humans, seeing a female dog kill her puppies can seem an act of inexplicable cruelty. However, dog infanticide can often be explained as a response to illness, to their environment or to human i... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference Between Male & Female Puppies?

Puppies are tiny and it can be hard to distinguish male from female at a young age. Unfortunately, many owners who plan to give their newborn puppies up can find that those wanting to purchase or ... Read More »

Can a female dog have two litters of puppies in one year?

The number of litters a dog gives birth to is dependent upon how many times she enters estrus, or "goes into heat," in one year. Grown female dogs enter estrus up to four times a year, according to... Read More »

How long does it take for a female dog to give birth to puppies?

Gestation period is only 60-72 days, and the length of time to give birth depends on how many puppies she has and how fast they come. Asking how long it takes a female dog to give birth is as ludic... Read More »