At what age can a child say no to visitation in the state of Florida?

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Can an out-of-state noncustodial parent request visitation rights from Georgia courts of a Florida child he has never seen?

Answer Yes, in some cases and it's up to the courts. For instance: If the mother of the child was pregnant and didn't tell you and you just found out and want to get to know your child and suppor... Read More »

If you were never married to the father of your child and there is not a court order for visitation would a judge remove the child from your custody if you move out of state?

Answer It is possible. Marraige has nothing to do with it, a biological son does.No.If there is not a custodial order in place the law presumes that an unmarried mother has full custodial rights to... Read More »

What age can a child refuse visitation in ny state?

From what I've read that would be about 13 years of age when he will be given a Law Guardian and the Law Guardian will present the case to the court. It also depends on the maturity of the child an... Read More »

New York State Child Visitation Laws?

New York visitation laws are based on case law and statutes. New York courts are filled with people trying to enforce or change visitation with their children. There are as many scenarios regarding... Read More »