At what age can a child living in New Jersey choose whom to live with?

Answer Answer In all courts across the United States of America the general rule of thumb is 12/13. But in the end it is always up to the judge's discretion.Minor children are not allowed to choose whic... Read More »

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What age can a minor child choose to live with the non custodial parent in New Jersey?

the normally age in the U.S is 15 years of age this in true for most states on the eastern coast

What legal rights does a mother have to see her child when the child's grandmother was granted guardianship in New Jersey but both of them now live in New York?

Answer All states recognize custodial and child support orders issued from other states. A New York state court could not amend or overrule a guardianship and the terms of such that was issued by a... Read More »

If parents live in different states Alabama Mississippi can child choose which parent they want to live with at age 14?

AnswerThe general age of consent is 18 years unless it is detrimental for a child to reside with one parent. Most states are "best interest" states. Ask yourself? What is in the best interest of th... Read More »

How old does a child have to be in New Jersey to decide which parent they want to live with?

Answer Most states have an "age of consent" law that deals with who the child would rather live with. Most states is about 13 years of age, but state laws vary. The best way, is to consult a famil... Read More »