At what age can a child living in New Jersey choose whom to live with?

Answer Answer In all courts across the United States of America the general rule of thumb is 12/13. But in the end it is always up to the judge's discretion.Minor children are not allowed to choose whic... Read More »

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What age can a minor child choose to live with the non custodial parent in New Jersey?

the normally age in the U.S is 15 years of age this in true for most states on the eastern coast

Is 16 the legal age in Michigan to choose whom you want to live with?

Answer When there is no custodial order the law generally presumes that both parents have equal rights to a child or children.However, the court will usually recognize verbal agreements between pa... Read More »

In Idaho does a man have rights to a child whom he helped raise and to whom he paid child support for three years and then found out the child was not his?

Answer You need a lawyer for this one, and yes, you do have rights because you have #1 been lied too and #2 paid child support. This case would go to court and you may win. Be sure you have all c... Read More »

What age can a child choose who to live with in NE?

A Child's Choice: What Is The Right Age For A Child To Choose Which Parent To Live With? See links below As an alternative, why not ask for Joint Physical Custody of your parents? Tell them that y... Read More »