At what age can a child in New York choose who they want to reside with?

Answer Answer A minor is not allowed to choose which parent they wish to live with. If the minor is of an age where the judge feels he or she understands the issue, the judge may speak with said minor co... Read More »

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What age does a child have the right to choose who where they want to reside in Alabama?

At what age can a child choose to live with the noncustodial parent in Michigan when the reside in florida.?

Answer14at what age in Michigan can a child choose what parent to live with

How do i get my child's father to sign over his rights my daughter is 2 years old now and he has never paid anything even worse he now lives in Georgia my child and i reside in Maryland?

You can't force him to give up his parental rights and if he is not following the courts order for child support you have to notify the court so they can take it from his income.

You want to file for abandonment but the father of your child has left the state that you reside in with your baby will your filing for abandonment transfer to the state that he is in?

No.They can not. Only people who know then can put them for adoption.