At what age can a baby wear a necklace?

Answer On One Hand: Necklaces Add Beauty, Help TeethingNecklaces on babies can be quite fetching and sometimes have sentimental value. Since ancient times, many people have believed jewelry made of amber ... Read More »

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Is it fashionable for Old men to wear a necklace ?

Well ED As A handsome older Canadian man , I think a nice cross would look just fine *smiles * Hope the weathers good in Burnaby Best to Lita & Miss Minnie D :)

Is it okay to wear a rosary as a necklace?

On One Hand: It Is Okay if Worn for PrayerIt is OK to wear a rosary around your neck, so long as you are wearing it for prayer, according to the Life Teen website. Life Teen is an international Cat... Read More »

What would yo do if you had 3 bedwetting accidents and your aunt made you wear a baby's diaper to bed last night and said you were going to wear one again tonight I dont want to wear the diapers?

Obviously you're old enough to write about this, so I would strongly suggest you go to your aunt and ask to be taken to a doctor. This could be a medical problem you have no control over. Humiliati... Read More »

Question for guys who wear a necklace all the time?

I wear 3 necklaces daily. I take them off at nite because they're a distraction to going to sleep.