At what age can a baby eat with a spoon?

Answer On One Hand: At Least Four Months of AgeAccording to Texas Children's Pediatric Associates, a child is usually ready to begin eating with a spoon between 4 and 6 months of age. They recommend that ... Read More »

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When does a baby use a spoon?

On One Hand: Interest in SpoonBabies will typically become interested in spoons long before they can use them well. As early as 6 months of age, a baby may grab the spoon and try to feed himself. S... Read More »

How did you teach your toddler/baby to use a spoon?

We started giving our kids spoons at around 12 months and they were all using them correctly by 14-16 months but, unfortunately you just have to let them be messy for a little bit.If she's playing ... Read More »

How to Identify Antique Sterling Silver Baby Spoon?

Silver baby spoons are a traditional gift for a newborn baby. Owners of these spoons often cherish them throughout their lifetime before passing them on to loved ones after they die. Spoon collecto... Read More »

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