At what age can a baby eat finger foods?

Answer Babies can begin to eat finger foods when they have developed the pincer grasp that makes picking up small objects possible. The thumb and index finger are used exclusively in this grasp. This mi... Read More »

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What is the safe baby age for finger foods?

On One Hand: Encouraging Self FeedingAt around 8 or 9 months, babies gain the ability to control their fingers. This new dexterity is used for one thing above all: to put things into their mouths. ... Read More »

How to Make Baby Finger Foods?

Finger foods for babies do more than provide nutrition! Finger foods help baby learn fine motor skills and also allow baby to engage in the wonder and fun of food experimentation. Allowing your bab... Read More »

Finger Foods for a Boy Baby Shower?

Throwing a baby shower for friends or family can become more work and more expensive than one might expect. Plan a baby shower by the person or people that are throwing the shower, according to a b... Read More »

What age did you start feeding your baby finger foods And what?

I started my son on diced cooked carrots and peas, little pieces of cooked potatoe things like that. at about 9 months up until then he really did seem interested he started baby fo... Read More »