At what age can I receive Medicare?

Answer United States citizens or permanent residents are eligible to receive Medicare benefits at the age of 65. In certain cases, people under age 65 who have qualified for disability or meet other eligi... Read More »

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Can a Medicare patient receive reimbursement directl from Medicare for purchase of durable medical equipment?

Answer ABSOLUTELY THEY CAN! Wherever you bought your durable medical equipment should be able to bill Medicare DMERC on your behalf. They send in the claim for you and they have to check the box to... Read More »

When can you receive Medicare insurance?

You can receive Medicare when you are 65 years of age or if you have have certain disabilities or medical conditions. Medicare Part A is available without cost to most recipients but there is a fee... Read More »

What age can a person receive Medicare benefits?

A person can receive Medicare benefits when he is 65 years old. Seniors generally automatically get the Medicare Part A and Part B packages, which cover the costs of hospital and doctor’s office ... Read More »

Can elderly people receive both medicare&medicaid benefits?

Elderly Americans who qualify for Medicaid also can receive Medicare benefits. Medicaid offers additional coverage and pays for some of the extra costs of Medicare, such as coinsurances and deducti... Read More »