At what Internet speed does AT&T U-verse operate?

Answer As of 2010, AT&T U-verse has service tiers offering download speeds up to 24 megabits per second (mbps). This is equivalent to 3 megabytes per second (MBps). At the lowest service tier, AT&T U-vers... Read More »

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Is U-Verse a good place to get Fast speed internet with good prices?

Yes. My computer has "12 GB" and it is fast. Im paying really good price too! So I think you should get AT&T U-Verse. Thats my opinion! Hope it helped! By the way its safe (no viruses)

How can i speed my internet connection free. can i get my internet speed up to 1 mbps while downloading ?

Try speedguide I have a 9 year old compaq Presario 5062 322 MHZ processor and here is the results of my speed test: I used the free tcp/ip optomizer that they offer there « Speed T... Read More »

What does 12-16 Megs of internet speed mean?

Internet speed is the rate at which data is downloaded (sent from the internet to your computer) or uploaded (sent from your computer to the Internet). The rate is measured in bits per second; 12 t... Read More »

What is the difference between connection speed and internet speed?

Mbps is megabits per secondMBps is megabytes per secondConnection speed is the speed packets actually travel. 100 Mbps for example. Internet speed is the speed data actually arrives. In my case,... Read More »