At what Celsius temperature does iron melt?

Answer Iron melts at a temperature of 1,538 degrees Celsius, or 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. At 2,861 degrees Celsius, iron boils. Iron is abbreviated Fe on the periodic table and has an atomic number of 26.... Read More »

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At what temperature Celsius does ice melt?

The melting point of ice is 0 degrees Celsius. Zero degrees Celsius is equivalent to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 273.15 Kelvin. Water boils when the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, 212 degree... Read More »

At what temperature does ice water melt in celsius?

Ice, the solid phase of water, melts into liquid water at 0⁰ C (32⁰ F), called the melting point. Liquid water freezes into solid ice also at this temperature. Liquid water oils into steam and ... Read More »

What is the ideal swimming pool temperature if you have 30-34 Celsius outside air temperature?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%Answer30C-34C is about 86F-93F! That temp will generally feel too warm for most people in a pool.A better temp that would suit more people would be around 27C-29C or 80F-84F. The ... Read More »

At what degrees Celsius does lead melt?

The melting point of lead is 327.5 degrees Celsius (621.5 degrees Fahrenheit). Lead has an atomic number of 82, and is considered a heavy metal. Although toxic, lead has many uses; it is found in b... Read More »