At what CPU temperature does a computer shut down?

Answer Most current CPUs have a maximum operating temperature of approximately 70 C (158 F). However, some processors have much higher maximum temperatures. Most processors automatically lower their speed... Read More »

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Why does my computer randomly shut down?

Something probably isn't connected properly inside of the computer, or if your computer doesn't have a battery and your running the power directly in from the outlet, the power cord could have acci... Read More »

Why does my computer just randomly shut down?

Here r some reviews abt the same all ,then, u will get an idea of wht is going on in ur pc.--------------------------Your problem isn't gone; what is causing it is not being triggered... Read More »

How does a Computer remembers the exact time set on it, even if gets shut down?

open up ur cpu and check yourselfthere will be battey in the motherboard ,its called cmos batteryif that battery is dead,your pc will make a beep sound same thing with cell phones

What do i do if my computer will not shut down?