At the risk of sounding completely computer illiterate?

Answer You may be burning the CD as a data cd... to be able to play the CD on a music cd player, you will have to burn the CD as an MP3 CD, then it will play on the CD player.

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I'm computer illiterate...How do I install...?

Depends how much ram you have, so you can ram it in as hard as you like....xxlol I try Reg...x

Excuse me (in advance) for being so computer illiterate, but why do I keep getting the following warning...?

In addition to what ItsJared said above I would like to say > Gently get ride of any Mozilla Add-ins you have on your laptop. Also check out the following link : Read More »

Okay, stupid question, but I am computer illiterate. Do I have to change both ink cartridges?

No, you only need to change the one that needs it.Usually a menu will pop up or something that tells you.I threw out all my color printers 10 years ago, even had brand new ones that came 'free' wit... Read More »

How to Make Smooth Sounding Music From the Computer?

Digital recording technology has revolutionized music production. Recording equipment is no longer prohibitively large or expensive. Audio production programs, such as Logic, Cubase, and Mixcraft, ... Read More »