At the gym, should I put my hands on my hips and laugh at all the people with less muscle than me?

Answer Hands on your hips?! Haha, nice stance.

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I'm not sure but I think I pulled a muscle and hurt both my hips?

you must pulled a muscle rest for 1 week :Dyou would be ok

Muscle knots from sitting down in hips and thighs, what can I do about it?

You can gently massage the painful area to ease the knots and relax the muscles. Avoid too much strain on your thigh muscles.

What's it called where people give massages to people suffering from pain, like muscle damage and stuff?

It's called Massage Therapy. It can be done in clinical, therapeutic or spa environments.

How to Make Sad People Laugh?

People are often depressed and need some kind of shoulder for support. It is always good if you can make somebody laugh. Whether it's a quick need of cheering up or something bigger, it's a useful ... Read More »