At the beging of last month i started feeling sic to my belly an very tired an than my boobs started?

Answer The symptoms were similar to those pregnancy symptoms. How early did you take the test? And what time of the day? Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone that is causing the result in you... Read More »

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If your period started one month ago and you had sex with a condom 2 and a half weeks ago and now you're feeling flu-like symptoms with weight gain are these pregnancy symptoms?

AnswerPossibly ... a positive pregnancy test would be a dead giveaway. Answer2 1/2 weeks ago would most likely be during your fertile time, so it's possible. if your next period is late I recommed... Read More »

You started your period last month but didnt start this month but you havent had sex since your last period and your cramping why havent you started your period this month?

Answer If your under a lot of stress that can cause you to skip, or if your weight has dramatically changed. If it really worries you then I suggest going to the doctor.

Started antidepressants and feeling worse?

It's completely normal. You should let your doctor know, so they can work out if the medication is okay or if they need to give you a different dose, or just keep an eye on you. Symptoms are known ... Read More »

Summer Break just started, and I have a a feeling I'll be bored.?

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