At the age of seventeen and pregnant need to be independent on own?

Answer Get one thing clear you are a 17 year old minor, most likely your boy friend may even have left you by now, so be wise and stay with your parents and good friends and this idea of being independent... Read More »

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If you were seventeen and he was nineteen and you got pregnant can you get married in the state of Florida?

Answer Yes with parental permission, but if one of you is 17 why not just wait til you turn eighteen the father can still give the baby his last name.

What are a seventeen year olds rights when she is pregnant?

If they are at the age of adulthood which differ between states (16-18), they can decide everything if they live on their own. Otherwise they have to obey their parents. Their rights only concerns ... Read More »

If you're pregnant can you get married without parental consent at the age of seventeen?

Answer Only in certain states, Georgia, Florida and Maryland(with some exceptions). The law in those states requires that the minor present a notarized statement from a doctor licensed in the state... Read More »

You are seventeen and you are alittle overweight you had unprotected sex and you are due to have your period in two weeks could you possibly be pregnant?

you could be pregnant. but just because you are a little overweight doesnt make any difference. pregnancy doesnt cause you to gain weight for most people within that little time. if your period doe... Read More »