At the Asian market I went to yesterday they were selling Chinese Rape?

Answer "Rape" is the vegetable that 'Canola oil' is made from; Americans apparently had an issue with buying "Rapeseed oil", so 'Canola Oil' was born...

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Yesterday i went to the dentist they pulled my last baby tooth?

how can you be in pain if your jaw is numb??

I was at a fancy event last night and they were auctioning off wine. one bottle went for $450!!! what!!?

pee it out 2 hours later. Just like any other bottle of wine.I once went to a restaurant where the wine list had a GLASS of wine that cost more than my CAR.

Back in the mid to late 70's they were selling these glasses with hundreds of tiny holes to improve vision...?

Multiple pinhole glasses are available from medical goods suppliers. Wear them if htat is what you would like to do.You will not benefit from following the Bates method.

Who were the members of the band that played in Miami vice pilot Were they a real group or were they actors?