At fifteen can you move in with your other parent?

Answer Answer depends on state laws and the agreement between the parents.

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You are sixteen years old and your fifteen year old girlfriend is pregnant can she move to another state with your kid?

You could demand a paternity test, if you are the father you could get rights to the child. But if she moves to a different state you most likely wouldn't see the child very much. Good luck!

Is it legal for a 16-year-old to move out of a parent's home to another parent without custody in Washington state?

Answer No. The child has to file for emancipation (divorce her parents), or her parents would have to sign off parental rights and / or make the new parents legal guardians.

If two parents have joint custody can a parent move out state with the kid without permission of the other parent?

At the age of 17 most people have picked who they live with.

Can a parent with sole custody move out of state if the other parent doesn't visit?

Answer depends on the paperwork if you have any. i have sole custody but i still need to track down the non-custodial parent for permission to move more then 150 miles away.