At an uncontrolled intersection who goes first?

Answer one on the right

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What is the difference between an uncontrolled intersection and a blind intersection?

An uncontrolled intersection is one which has no light signals or road signs (such as stop signs) directing traffic or designating right-of-way. A blind intersection is one which has geometry that... Read More »

Is there a rule concerning the right of way at an uncontrolled intersection?

Answer Varies state to state, check your individual state statutes--Traffic Specialist

The Definition of an Uncontrolled Variable?

In statistics and scientific studies, using variables is an important aspect of structuring and completing a test or survey. While most people are familiar with the independent and dependent variab... Read More »

How hot does jet fuel get in an uncontrolled environment when lit?

Jet fuel burns up to 549.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 287.5 degrees Celsius in uncontrolled or open air conditions. Jet fuel is kerosene-based and consists of a mixture of hydrocarbons.References:SwissL... Read More »