At a bar can a 21+ year old buy an underage friend a drink?

Answer nope.

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Did you drink while underage?

I did. I regret it. But, that is in the past. Now, I am well over 21 so I can buy and drink legally.

If your at an underage drinking party but don't want to drink can you still get in trouble if its busted?

There's a reason underage drinking is not a good idea. You will be around kids whose brains are still developing being poisoned by alcohol. It doesn't matter if you don't drink. It's no fun to b... Read More »

In the state of Illinois can an underage male be jailed for getting an underage girl pregnant?

Answer the only ways is if you are 18 and she is under 18. But if you are both under 18 then no.

Is it true if a underage teen is pregnant that the father of the underage boy has to pay child support?