At What Percent Were the Federal Taxes During Reagan's First Term?

Answer Ronald Reagan entered his first term in 1980 with the top federal income tax rate at 70 percent. In 1981, he cut this rate to 50 percent and lowered all other brackets 25 percent. These income tax ... Read More »

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What percent of federal taxes are paid by the wealthiest Americans?

The wealthiest Americans, the people who make the top 1 percent of income in the country, paid 40.4 percent of all federal income taxes in 2007. This figure was compiled by the Internal Revenue Ser... Read More »

What percent of church giving can be taken off federal taxes?

Up to 100 percent of donations to churches are deductible on federal tax returns, but deductions are limited based on the filer's adjusted gross income (AGI). In each tax year deductions are allow... Read More »

How do I calculate federal taxes paid by percent?

Federal Income TaxObtain your filing status and exemptions from your Form 4. Additionally, obtain the IRS Circular E for the associated tax year from the IRS' website. For instance, say you earn $5... Read More »

How much were taxes during the stamp act?

The Stamp Act taxed any paper document in the American colonies. The prices for the taxes at this time were ten pounds on attorney licenses, three pence to 10 shillings for court documents, a shill... Read More »