At-Home Projects for 2nd Grade Math Students?

Answer There are several mathematical skills that children are expected to gain a mastery of during second grade. While instruction in school is effective for teaching these skills, children can gain a gr... Read More »

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Math Projects for Students?

Math projects that go beyond simply answering questions and problems can make math class more fun for students. No matter what age a student is, you should be able to create a math project that wil... Read More »

Math Projects for Gifted Students?

Students who are gifted are students who learn quickly, finish early and are often bored as they find no challenges in their school work. Teachers can combat this situation where students are not g... Read More »

Percentage Problems for 4th Grade Students in Math?

When fourth-grade students are learning about percentages, percentage can sometimes be a difficult concept for them to grasp. Using different activities and problems that students can relate to is ... Read More »

Ways to Teach Math to 7th and 8th Grade Students?

The middle school years are a crucial turning point in a child's math education. It is in the 6th through 7th grades that a child is expected to make the transition from simple numerical calculatio... Read More »