At 14, Do you think I'm too young to get divorced?

Answer divorced from who beardy?

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My eight year old son asked for weights for Christmas I think he's too young a friend told me he would be fine if I made limits What do you think?

At age 8 your son should not be worrying about wieghts and muscles. He should be doin fun children activities. I would wait until he was atleast age 13 or well into puberty as you don't want to sti... Read More »

Do you think 13 is too young to be working out?

I think it's a good idea as long as you aren't compulsive about it to the point of taking steroids and worried constanly about how well you are improving and it's affecting how you act around peopl... Read More »

Do u think 13 is too young to shape eyebrows?

nawww i started going and gitting my eyebrows wazed when i was 11. dont be embaresed i used to be that way, but i dont care what they think!♥

Do you think 10 yrs old is too young to wear make up?

Way too young. She'll end up looking stupid and tacky. And when she gets older, all that crap on her face will have made her look really really old. At 10-11-12, your best bet is to take really ... Read More »