Asus a6rp laptop?

Answer It's a pretty decent one that is probably better than most business desktops. The Celeron M440 is FAST because it is based on the Yonah core. ATI integrated graphics are generally better than Intel... Read More »

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How to Add a Second HD to the ASUS M51 Laptop?

The ASUS M51 laptop computer is a Window- based system that comes with a single, built-in hard drive. Although there is no internal room for a second hard drive, you can add an external drive to th... Read More »

What laptop should I get Hp or Asus?

Well both companies have both ups and downs but i'd say the one with less downs would be Asus. Asus usually provides good customer service, I don't know about HP though and Asus usually offers more... Read More »

Can i play fsx on an asus laptop?

It wont run smooth on max settings with those specifications. I am running on medium high settings (pretty awesome though!) with my 2.1 GHz dual cored laptop with 8 gb of ram.Go for it, it will wor... Read More »

ASUS or a toshiba laptop?

i have seen Toshiba go to my service center so many times yet known company, Asus is new but however i see less service issues with the asus and easier to restore if virus.. i have had a few people... Read More »