Astro A40 Instructions?

Answer Online gaming frequently requires the use of both a headphone set and a microphone. The Astro A40 combines both, providing an adjustable headphone set that has an optional microphone mount. Special... Read More »

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Astro Safari 1997-2005 Fuel Pump Instructions?

Most fuel pumps, including those on the Chevy Astro and GMC Safari, are electronic. Fuel pumps in the past were mechanical pumps but were changed to electronic due to the advent of fuel injection s... Read More »

Is there going to be an astro boy 2?

Well, that's hard to answer. I heard that it was supposed to come out at the end of 2011, but it's march 2012... Soooo. I would really like to see a second one.

60d or 7d for Astro too?

The Canon 60Da is the camera you want. It is designed specifically for astrophotography…

How do I improve mpg on an Astro van?

TiresCheck to see that your tires are properly inflated by matching the tire pressure to the manufacturer specification printed on the inside of the driver door panel.EngineKeep oil changes up to d... Read More »