Assuming you eat Chinese food, DO you use chopsticks Why or why not please?

Answer Yes, when I eat Chinese food, I'll use chopsticks. As u all know, Chinese food on the table are usually communal food, ie to be shared round the table unlike western food which are for individual c... Read More »

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When you eat Chinese or other Asian food do you use chopsticks or a knife and fork?

I use the chopsticks to play air-drummer and eat my food with that little plastic spork. I'm not ashamed. I am a great drummer and a pretty good sporker.

If or when you eat at a Chinese restaurant, which foods do you eat with chopsticks?

Everything. Even the soup. I carry a set of chopsticks with me, just in case (I have been known to stop at IHOP and eat my pancakes with Chopsticks.The hard food to eat is jell-o.And, the Chinese h... Read More »

Why do Chinese people use chopsticks and not fork and spoon?

China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam food is usually eaten with chopsticks; but it was the Chinese who were the earliest culture some five thousand years ago. Their food cooked in pots required twigs t... Read More »

Before the Chinese started using spoons, how did they eat the last few grains of rice with chopsticks?

they ever didlegend has it they got so mad they squinted at the rice until it jumped into their mouthsand thats y we have so many car accidentsloljk about the driving thing