Associative Properties of Math for Kids?

Answer Associative properties, along with commutative and distributive properties, provide the basis for the algebraic tools that are used to manipulate, simplify, and solve equations. However, these prop... Read More »

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Associative Properties of Addition and Multiplication?

To understand mathematical concepts and apply them to real-life problems, you must understand the terminology used in mathematical operations. There are six operations in math, with an operation be... Read More »

Difference of Commutative and Associative Math?

Commutative and associative relate to properties in mathematics. The root word "commute" means to exchange; thus in mathematics, the commutative property involves switching the placement of values.... Read More »

Properties of Math Division?

Division in mathematics is the process of separating a number element into parts. Division is taught in primary school, soon after the students become comfortable with addition and subtraction. Div... Read More »

Help With Addition & Multiplication Properties in Math?

Addition and multiplication are two of the basic functions of mathematics. Understanding how to add and multiply quantities is a fundamental asset, and further understanding the rules and propertie... Read More »