Assistive Technology & Schools?

Answer The use of technology is benefiting students worldwide. With laptops, interactive whiteboards and presentation software, teachers are using computers and devices to create teaching materials, conv... Read More »

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What is assistive technology in schools?

Assistive technology includes any device or piece to equipment that helps students with either physical handicaps or learning disabilities function successfully within the classroom. Assistive tech... Read More »

Assistive Technology Guidelines for Kentucky Schools?

Assistive technology (AT) guidelines in Kentucky schools developed from legislation enacted to provide devices and services for qualifying children with disabilities. Kentucky school districts and ... Read More »

Assistive Technology Tools for Public Schools?

Assistive technology helps students with disabilities learn. Some students struggle to see or hear class content, while other students simply need help taking notes or writing an essay. Some of the... Read More »

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technologies help people with disabilities perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them. People use the technologies as they go through their day, whether at hom... Read More »