Assistive Technology Products for Writing?

Answer Assistive technology is a broad category including everything from modified pencil grips and tape recorders to speech recognition software. Finding the right assistive technology solution for a wri... Read More »

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Assistive Technology for Writing?

Assistive technology, or AT, helps someone perform an important life or educational task. The use of AT for writers began when teachers needed aids to help students with learning disabilities and s... Read More »

Assistive Technology to Address Problems Related to Writing in Students With Learning Disabilities?

Conditions from dyslexia to severe disability may affect a child's writing skills. Some barriers to good writing may be intellectual; many are physical. Interactive electronic devices are a solutio... Read More »

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technologies help people with disabilities perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them. People use the technologies as they go through their day, whether at hom... Read More »

Assistive Technology & Schools?

The use of technology is benefiting students worldwide. With laptops, interactive whiteboards and presentation software, teachers are using computers and devices to create teaching materials, conv... Read More »