Assistance With Paying a Water Bill in Georgia?

Answer Unfortunately, there aren't nearly as many organizations in Georgia that help with paying a water bill as there are for heating and cooling. If your water service has been disconnected or you're be... Read More »

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My mom turned off the water herself due to my brother not paying the bill. How do I turn it back on?

Have a walk around your yard / garden. You are trying to find the water main. There will be either a metal or plastic cover over essentially a hole in the ground. Lift up the cover and turn the tap... Read More »

Should a Responsible 14 year old Get a iPhone 4 if he's paying for the phone and the mom paying for the bill.It'd be for a birthday gift and a a small part of he's Christmas present?

Whether or not you are responsible can't be determined by yourself, that's an incredibly biased opinion. Personally, I think that if you're buying the iPhone yourself, you'll value it much more, an... Read More »

Grants, Aid and Assistance for Help With Paying a Mortgage?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides housing grants to help low-income families purchase a home, or homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments stay in the... Read More »

Who offers assistance paying for infertility medication?

Answer Many insurance companies will not provide assistance when it comes to infertility treatments. However, there are some other options, including clinical trials that may allow you to receive a... Read More »