Assignment on Physical Abuse of a Child?

Answer Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that you have to be very careful in asking questions that aren't leading and this can be difficult to do. Keep to the basic facts, and you note th... Read More »

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What is physical child abuse?

physical abuse is when a adult hits, punches,etc. onto a child to the point it is not neccesary.

What do you think about physical child abuse?

It can do the child harm throughout their whole lives. It is wrong and the child could be scared for their whole lives and live in fear. So it should be considered wrong in the eyes of all humans.

What are physical signs of child abuse?

Answerchild abuse is: beating, whipping, paddling, punching, slapping, or hitting, pushing, shoving, shaking, kicking, throwing pinching, biting, choking, or hair-pulling burning with cigarettes, s... Read More »

How can preteens and teens ages 12-14 prevent reoffenses of physical child abuse?

Answer Only qualified professionals can lead the teen and parents in the right direction. By being physically abused there are a lot of issues the teen has that must be faced and dealt with so th... Read More »