Assignment for child development?

Answer is a great site for finding activities for young children. Painting with colored bubbles is a great activity. The kids love it. Just add a little food coloring to the bubb... Read More »

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Assignment on Physical Abuse of a Child?

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that you have to be very careful in asking questions that aren't leading and this can be difficult to do. Keep to the basic facts, and you note th... Read More »

Can you sue for custody when the other parent volunteers for an overseas Air Force assignment to keep her from moving the child out of the country?

Answer In America, you can sue for almost any reason. Whether the case will be heard, or whether you have grounds is another question. Whether you will win depends on your attorney, your case made,... Read More »

Child Development Occupation?

That really depends on where you are located and if the center you are applying to is NAEYC certified. On average ECE teachers make 15-20 grand a year so not much. However for me it's not the mon... Read More »

Stages of Child Development by Age?

The stages of child development are milestones theoretically created to indicate how an average child develops physically and mentally. These milestones might be achieved earlier or later by some c... Read More »