Assembly Ideas for World Book Day?

Answer Many individuals, wise to the benefits of reading, seek creative ways to encourage reading among youngsters. One effective method of doing so is the celebration of World Book Day. This UNESCO-creat... Read More »

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Primary School Ideas for a World Health Day Assembly?

World Health Day is an annual event celebrating the day the World Health Organization (WHO) ratified its constitution, April 7. To celebrate this occasion, WHO hosts events across the globe that sh... Read More »

What book has sold more copies than any other book in the history of the world?

The Holy Bible, in all of its translations, has been the most-sold book in the history of the world. Estimates of the numbers of copies that have been sold or distributed range from 2.5 billion to ... Read More »

Ideas for a Pep Assembly?

Pep assemblies, also referred to as pep rallies, are fun for students and build a sense of team spirit and group cohesiveness. Those responsible for planning and coordinating pep assemblies are oft... Read More »

Eco Assembly Ideas?

At an eco-assembly, participants learn about ecology and the environment through active engagement with speakers or hands-on activities. An eco-assembly that focuses on the local environment allows... Read More »