Ask X doesn't have a Wikipedia entry?

Answer It is now referenced in the article ( I added the reference ), it's not the type of thing that they usually like to make a separate article for, it is after all a feature of the site.

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How come the wikipedia entry on male ejaculation has pictures but the entry on female ejaculation doesn't?

Because wikipedia admins don't know any women.

Why doesnt anyone here ask wikipedia first?

This is a sort of stepping stone on the way to becoming a good researcher. Sometimes Wikipedia policy and help pages are a bit much. Hopefully, if you ask the question here, someone who understands... Read More »

Is there anything wikipedia doesnt know?

Did you ever make a Wikipedia entry?

Hmm...this is what I have...not as much...User groups: rollbacker Edits (including deleted edits): 3965Edits: 3746Deleted edits: 219Rollbacks: 1828 Pages patrolled: 44Files uploaded: 1Main 1797 47.... Read More »