Aside from fasting, is there another way to bring down one's blood sugar quickly?

Answer Fasting will NOT bring down blood sugar even slowly!! The liver is totally contrary and will signal for the release of stored glucose when it percieves the body is starving which is what happens du... Read More »

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Is a fasting blood sugar of 58 okay?

That's definitely on the low side. Most doctors would classify that as hypoglycemic. Are you symptomatic at that level?

Is a blood sugar level, after fasting, of 107 bad?

On One Hand: Non-fasting Blood-Sugar RangesAccording to Web MD, normal ranges for blood sugar in a non-fasting person are 70 to 145. Blood sugars may go slightly higher in some people, but should d... Read More »

Fasting blood sugar 109mg/dL, but A1c 4.5%, is this OK.?

The normal blood sugar level when you wake up in the morning and before breakfast (this is considered a fasting blood sugar) is between 70 to 99 mg/dl. A fasting blood sugar consistently running be... Read More »

IS this a high fasting blood sugar!!?

After I asked some friends your question, I can say that your blood sugar was with in thee normal range not a high blood sugar. Hope I was of some help .