Aside from diet and exercise, what is the best way to lose weight?

Answer There isn't any. If you are looking for an easy way out there isn't one so you just have to stop eating junk food and get active. If you want to do this it is for life so you need to totally change... Read More »

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How to Exercise and Lose Weight by Turning Everyday Household Chores into an Exercise Routine?

House cleaning can be a great way to reduce mess, sanitize the home and burn calories. Many homeowners and renters do not realize that they burn anywhere from 80 to 500 calories through regular hou... Read More »

If a mental illness was caused by weight issues will insurance pay to fix the weight issue if diet and exercise failed?

Answer Good question - Check you might check the Mental Illness Parity Act

Is diet more important than exercise to lose abdominal fat?

The answer is a combination of both. A low-fat, low-calorie diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is how to begin. This eating plan should be combined with aerobic exercise such as running, biki... Read More »

What is the best weight loss diet to lose weight quickly?

On One Hand: Diets Do WorkDiets can work to help you eliminate calories. Diet programs such as Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and Jenny Craig help you to limit your calories while allowing you to mak... Read More »