Aside from Eating, what are some Good Uses for Hotdogs?

Answer Well they were very useful for 'other' things until the dildo came along....;)

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What are some good types of business phone system aside from pbx?

Some of the phone system types are:- Key systems- PBX systems- Virtual PBX systems- Hosted PBX systems- Centrex systems- IP PBX systems- Hybrid PBX systemsAll of them are good types. It only depend... Read More »

What are some red colored plants aside from flowers to give your love on Valentine's Day?

There is a flower called the "flowering pear" it makes a beautiful bouquet. It is seen a lot in the spring.There are many varieties of coleus that have dramatic coloring. Also, bromeliads are stunn... Read More »

What are some good uses for ham stock?

Yeah, I'd go cream of potato too...(chowders are usually thick & creamy, right??))Saute some onions in butter until they are just soft...add flour & then whisk in cream or milk...But I get ahead of... Read More »

What are some good uses of lemon juice?

It's a good marinade.There are TONS of other uses, too.Remove ink spots from clothing.While ink is wet, apply lemon juice liberally to the spot, then wash the garment in normal cycle with regular d... Read More »