Asiatic Beetle Control on Lilies?

Answer Asiatic beetles feast on ornamental foliage in the garden including that of lilies. Although they do not pose a major threat to the plants, Asiatic beetles breed in soil around the plants and larva... Read More »

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How do i care for asiatic lilies?

Fertilizer and SoilFertilize Asiatic lilies in the spring with a phosphorus-rich, slow-release plant food. A formula of 5-10-10 works well. Slightly acidic, well-drained soil is ideal for Asiatic l... Read More »

How do i split asiatic lilies?

Remove the BulbsDig the bulbs up carefully with a shovel or fork. Brush off the soil and wash the bulbs with water. Separate bulbs in early fall or in late summer.Separate BulbsSeparate the bulb ma... Read More »

How long do asiatic lilies bloom?

Asiatic lilies grow between June and September. The exact blooming period depends on the planting location. For example, Asiatic lilies bloom in June and July in Minnesota. Asiatic lilies are some ... Read More »

How do I grow Asiatic lilies in Canada?

TimingPlant Asiatic lilies in the spring, when the ground is softer, in colder sections of Canada.LocationPlant Asiatic lilies where they will receive at minimum six hours of full sun and in a plac... Read More »